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O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E

She Said, She Said

Love, Loss & Living My New Normal

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Front cover of the memoir She Said She Said
Anne's Story

Anne Reid was born in Melbourne, Australia, the eldest of three children. Anne grew up on a dairy farm with parents who had moved from the city to experience a new lifestyle. Anne inherited a wanderlust from her mother, born in Shanghai to expat parents. Her formative years were instrumental in her want to explore the world, and her ability to embrace change.

Anne has a creative soul which she has expressed through her interests and various careers as an industrial designer, landscape architect and artist. She came to writing as a means of catharsis and to document her experiences as someone who found they were married to a person who felt completely wrong within their own body: eventually transitioning to live authentically as a woman.

Anne's first publication, She Said, She Said was released in April 2018. She lives in rural Virginia USA with her family, including three bright and creative kids, one rotund dog and a crazy cat.

She Said, She Said
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Anne Reid gives eloquent voice to the feelings that every trans person knows.The pain, fear and bewilderment as a normal and happy life disintegrates amid the indescribable agony of gender dysphoria...

This is an important book on a topic too few understand


AM, Group Captain Australian Army


Anne reads the prologue from She Said, She Said

Prologue - She Said, She Said - Anne M Reid
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Book Resources

The following resources and references, extracted from the book 'She Said, She Said', will help you gain a greater understanding of gender transition and what to expect through the transition process. 

An alphabet soup of terms and acronyms you might encounter

To provide insight, a selection of documentaries, movies, TED Talks...

A historical & international perspective of gender non-conformance


The trans partner shoe shop
What to expect if you have a transitioning partner.

Supporting a trans partner friend
What to/not to do and say to your friend.

Respecting the trans person
Speaking to your trans friend, neighbor, relative or colleague. 

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