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She Said, She Said

She Said She Said book cover

Anne Reid had found her perfect partner. They marry and happily explore life living in another country while growing three wonderful children together. They celebrate 10 years of marriage, and just after she finds out her mother has had emergency surgery, Anne’s husband lets her know that 'he' is actually a woman. Written with raw emotion, honesty and humour, She Said, She Said tells Anne’s story as she navigates the sadness, confusion, and emotional turmoil that gender transition brings, trying to live her new normal with wife Paula, and the grief she experiences as she loses not only her husband, but her mother too.

Paula gives insight into how the disconnect she had felt since childhood, becomes recognized and how she knows she must take action before something breaks.

In an effort to begin to understand, Anne seeks all the information she can about gender transition, and the implications this will have on her family’s life. Anne shares her research to enlighten others, provide guidance to the curious, and an insight to those who just might find themselves wearing the same shoes.

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